New Bern, NC – June 22, 2022 Recently, the North Carolina facility approved projects to upgrade operations. The cost of the upgrades will run about $250,000.00+ and include installation, start-up and related costs for –  Replacement of the JRI parts cleaner with a new bigger G3000 from Better Engineering. TheRead More →

Teaneck NJ – June 16, 2022 Chemac encourages employees to be active in the local communities we work and live in. employee activities outside the workplace are not mandated only encouraged. The community and employees benefit from activities across a wide range of interests. For example, some are active inRead More →

Alvin TX  – June 16, 2022 Uraca high pressure cleaning systems have been helping make our world cleaner and safer for many decades. Today, these automated systems for cleaning reactors and vessels are gaining renewed popularity for many good reasons, These include: Vessels are cleaner between batches making end productsRead More →

New Bern , NC  – June 16, 2022 For upcoming news articles, the format for the news will change. If there are any suggestions on how we may improve our news, please let us know before we make the change. We also look forward to hear your criticism if youRead More →

A full Range of Pressure – March 31 Our line of plunger/diaphragm, centrifugal and magnetic metering pumps are all wildly different pumping solutions for a myriad of applications. Broken down by OEM, here is a summary of the brands available: URACA – world leader in high pressure plunger pumps andRead More →

From pandemics to war – the world suffers together – March 31, 2022 The human suffering from wars and pandemics makes itself felt throughout the world in many ways. Over the last weeks, some questions were raised by customers concerned about how events impact our supply chain. How does theRead More →

Visit New Bern, NC – sites near Chemac, Inc.  – March 24 Just a short ride away from Chemac, Inc. is Fort Macon State Park. The first state park in North Carolina can trace its history back to the pre- Revolutionary war period as it went through three stages inRead More →

Growth via Acquisition – March 25 Bad Urach Germany – Uraca recently announced the acquisition of a new firm adding to the growing portfolio of firms related to the high pressure cleaning industry. On February 22, 2022, Uraca announced the purchase of the French company Thenon.  The Thenon Group consistsRead More →

Knowing when trouble is on the way.. a plunger pump noise – March 25 If you are traveling down a highway and suddenly experience a noise emanating from your car, a noise you never heard before, it gets your attention. Your first reaction may be to look at the dashRead More →

Trade Show Notice – March 20  Uraca announced the recent change of dates for the upcoming ACHEMA in Frankfurt to August of 2022 will result in the inability of Uraca to attend. This would be the first time in many decades that Uraca will not be able to attend theRead More →

Centrifugal Pumps on the upswing  Despite Covid related down turns in many sectors, the Bungartz brand is growing world-wide. Offering pumps with run dry features and a myriad of applications, it is clear the competition is taking notice of the brand name. Once customers invest in a Bungartz pump, theRead More →