The tech tip for June – TWK (Tank Cleaning head) 3D high pressure tool

Alvin TX  – June 16, 2022

After a scheduled maintenance, the tank cleaning head is not building full pressure. The pump checks out and the lines/valves are all good – no leaks, but the system still does not build full pressure. What could it be? The system pressure of 6,000psi dropped to about 3,000psi. 

The operator removes the tool from the vessel and begins an inspection. The tool looks good and there are no apparent visible issues… what should the operator check?  The operator turns to the maintenance records to see what was done during the last maintenance. Records showed the tool required new seals and nozzles. Otherwise, nothing else was changed on the entire system. After a careful review of each step, the investigator found the nozzles were not the same size orifice as the ones required in the paperwork. The installed nozzles were ordered wrong and were several sizes larger than the regular nozzles. Once the correct nozzles were put into service, the tool and system functioned properly.

Nozzles play a very important role in the safe and efficient cleaning with a 3D tool. If they are too small, the systems can over pressurize, if they are too big, they will drop the system pressure. If nozzles  are not both the same size, the tool can swing in the vessel if suspended on a hose. 

 Here are some simple steps for to avoid issues similar to the above:

  1. Always use OEM nozzles
  2. Always store nozzle of the same size together. Never mix nozzles.
  3. Throw out worn nozzles so they don’t find their way back to stock.
  4. Always use the nozzle size that fits the application.
  5. When ordering nozzles, order the orifice size for the pressure & flow in use and make sure they are the correct nozzle types for the application/tool.  
  6. Do not use damaged nozzles. 
  7. Always make sure there are no obstructions in the nozzles when placing them into service. 
  8. Inspect stock to ensure the proper nozzles are ready when needed.

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