Pricing, Delivery Impacted by Global events

From pandemics to war – the world suffers together – March 31, 2022

The human suffering from wars and pandemics makes itself felt throughout the world in many ways. Over the last weeks, some questions were raised by customers concerned about how events impact our supply chain. How does the present war in Ukraine and other parts of the world impact our operations?  Do we have any links to countries at war? Will a resurgence of the pandemic result in supply chain issues? What do you have in place to counter other more lethal pandemics or larger scale wars? These are all critical questions as businesses look to their supply chain for assurances.

In short, we are keenly aware of the challenging global events and we are doing everything we can to ensure our supply line remains robust. Fortunately, we have no operations suffering directly under any wartime conditions and all locations are not presently impacted by any pandemic related illnesses. Although, Chemac, Inc. is confident in its overall preparedness for any eventuality, like the rest of the world, we have encountered increased costs due to inflation and longer lead times for some items. 

What has Chemac, Inc. done to counter global challenges for 2022? 

  1. Placed the largest stock order in our history for 2022 in December of 2021.
  2. Ensured workspaces are operated per CDC and/or local government guidelines.
  3. Communicated with our supply chain CEO’s to ensure projects stay on track.
  4. Locked in more foreign exchange rates to cover long positions from gyrating markets.
  5. Offered customers with restricting pandemic rules options to maintain equipment via Skype or Zoom meetings.
  6. Ensured our new PPE office/shop guidelines are effective.
  7. Voiced/written concerns over global challenges with our governmental leadership.
  8. Working with customers to ensure they have sufficient stock to overcome items with long lead times. Especially for customers with custom tailored equipment. 
  9. Recently “opened” travel for customers seeking on site services. 
  10. Working on video library for customers to diagnose /fix minor issues.

For over 55 years, Chemac Inc has been a reliable supplier overcoming various global issues and we look forward to continuing in this tradition of service to remain an important part of our customers supply chain.