Cleaning Systems Working for the Environment

Alvin TX  – June 16, 2022

Uraca high pressure cleaning systems have been helping make our world cleaner and safer for many decades. Today, these automated systems for cleaning reactors and vessels are gaining renewed popularity for many good reasons, These include:

  • Vessels are cleaner between batches making end products better.
  • Cleaning with only water and not caustic makes handling the “waste stream” safer and more environmentally friendly.
  • Automation makes the systems safer and more reliable.
  • OSHA Safe – automated systems do not require manual entry to clean with high pressure water.
  • More production is possible from the same vessels.
  • Uraca quality makes systems more robust and capable to handle many years of cycles.
  • High efficiency impact of tank cleaning tools makes clean go faster using less water and energy.
  • All Uraca systems are primarily driven by electric motor(s).
  • Depending on how many cleaning cycles are required, the systems offer a great ROI.


If your plant still uses caustic or manual entry, it may be time to look into an automated system for your facility. The capital costs will be outweighed by the benefits to the plant. For example, in one case, a customer wanted to invest capital into doubling the plants capacity. The costs were huge and they looked for alternatives. A Uraca cleaning system allowed the customer to double the plant capacity for their two vessels. Previously, the customer used a caustic clean to clean vessels which could take up to 24 hours before a vessel is returned to production.  After introducing the automated cleaning system, the customer could return the vessels to production within 90 minutes vs 24 hours. This huge savings paid for the system in less than 3 months. The project was a win-win for the customer and the environment. Interested? Contact us for more details in how this technology can help your plant.