Uraca Updates ACHEMA

Trade Show Notice – March 20 

Uraca announced the recent change of dates for the upcoming ACHEMA in Frankfurt to August of 2022 will result in the inability of Uraca to attend. This would be the first time in many decades that Uraca will not be able to attend the trade fair as the new dates conflict with operational commitments.  

The ACHEMA decided to postpone the Trade Show based on the waves of Covid hitting the EU. By delaying the event organizers may have hoped to avoid poor turn out for the trade show as a result of the Covid virus. Although the trade show industry hopes for a resurgence for trade fairs, the reality may be similar to the recent January 2022 CES show in Vegas. The show reported a 70% reduction in attendees from pre-pandemic levels. 

Uraca planned to attend when the event was in April, the unexpected changes to the end of August made it impossible for Uraca attend. It is assumed, many other firms may follow suit as the constant changing Covid conditions may make attendance prediction unreliable. The Achema is held every three years and is a premier industrial trade show.  

At present, Chemac Inc has also decided to not to send a team to Frankfurt for the trade show. Instead, Chemac will focus efforts on customer visits and improving operations. Covid and recent new supply issues are demanding more time and energy to ensure customers orders are not getting stuck in the logistical quagmires we see impacting orders for even typically simple items. Our teams need to stay local to ensure customers have the round the clock care we need to provide. We hope we are wrong and that the ACHEMA has a fantastic turn out, but for now the rising Covid rates in Europe and the ongoing conflicts will have many teams stay in the workplace this year. 

Please check back regularly with our news. There is ongoing discussion in management about cancelling the pump training seminar planned for this October for similar reasons.  The first New Bern HP Pump Seminar may soon be announced as a 2023 event. Stay tuned.