Upgrades for Chemac, Inc. Locations

New Bern, NC – June 22, 2022

Recently, the North Carolina facility approved projects to upgrade operations. The cost of the upgrades will run about $250,000.00+ and include installation, start-up and related costs for – 

  • Replacement of the JRI parts cleaner with a new bigger G3000 from Better Engineering. The unit is stainless steel and will allow larger parts (up to 1,500lbs) to be cleaned for service work. 
  • Installation of a new Uraca Jet Power 125/800 pump unit for pressure testing, water blast tests, and demos.  The new testing unit will be capable of variable pressures up to 12,000psi and flow of 18usgpm. The pump will complement the existing testing station capable of pressures up to 60,000lbs, but with much lower flow. 
  • Newer forklift for weights 10-20Klbs. 
  • Energy investment – to reduce energy use at both sites.

The above investment is in addition to fleet vehicles purchased in 2021/22 for towing and customer visits. 

The Texas location will also receive new units once the NC location has had the opportunity to ensure all the options selected for NC are also the best options for Texas. Both locations offer repair, maintenance, and testing services. The new upgrades will be available for operations by the fourth quarter 2022.