A full Range of Pressure – March 31

Our line of plunger/diaphragm, centrifugal and magnetic metering pumps are all wildly different pumping solutions for a myriad of applications. Broken down by OEM, here is a summary of the brands available:

URACA – world leader in high pressure plunger pumps and diaphragm pumps for process and high pressure applications from water to the most caustic or difficult mediums. Uraca pumps are found in steel mills, mining, water blasting, cutting, fertilizer, spunlace, oil & gas and a host of other applications. From 300 degrees Celsius hot oil applications to high pressure water, carbamate and other mediums, the full line of Uraca pumps are unbeatable in quality and longevity. Chemac, Inc. customers have Uraca pumps running from 55 years ago and they still can get parts and service. This is an attest to the durability of the pumps and company to keep customers equipment producing well into the future. 

Bungartz – These centrifugal pumps are world renown in the processes for making energy, fertilizer, fuels, pigments, and a host of other applications requiring high pressure quality centrifugal pumps. The Bungartz family of pumps have units which also can run “dry”, a unique ability highlighting the advanced technology and innovation by Bungartz.

Gather  – Magnetic metering pumps for applications requiring precise metering of a host of mediums. Each pump is specifically designed for each application and requires precise knowledge of customers needs in order to ensure the process works as designed.  The pumps may seem simple, but the design and accuracy of the pumps make them the pump of choice for customers looking for the most precise and reliable pump in this market. 

All of the above brands can be delivered in “bare” design or as complete pump packages including drivers all depending on required specifications. Interested? Please contact us via our contacts page for more information.