Bad Urach Germany: July 09, 2023 Since 1893, Uraca has innovated and designed solutions for industry. The company is a world leader in high-pressure pump and water blast cleaning solutions. There is almost no industry without a Uraca pump from oil and gas to CO2 extraction and everything in betweenRead More →

Wanaque, NJ Adventurers recently discovered  Gather gear pumps near Area 51… famous for UFO activity. They were also discovered near the “Roswell of the Ramapo’s” in Wanaque NJ where in 1966 aliens were sighted hovering over the Wanaque Reservoir. Despite their age, the discovered pumps looked almost brand new whenRead More →

Exhibitors included 2,200 equipment and solution providers from 50 countries. GATHER’s Series 3 gear pump is our new process pump with flow rates up to 4000 l/h. Delivery and circulation of lubricating and non-lubricating liquids such as water, aqueous solutions, salt solutions, solvents as well as acids and alkalis withRead More →

ACHEMA 2022: The functional models of Bungartz pumps will again be shown in action. DATES: Aug 22, 2022 – Aug 26, 2022 ACHEMA 2022: Bungartz will, for the first time, present its new rotary piston pump. It astutely combines the advantages of various already well-known technologies with energy efficiency. WhileRead More →

A full Range of Pressure – March 31 Our line of plunger/diaphragm, centrifugal and magnetic metering pumps are all wildly different pumping solutions for a myriad of applications. Broken down by OEM, here is a summary of the brands available: URACA – world leader in high pressure plunger pumps andRead More →

Growth via Acquisition – March 25 Bad Urach Germany – Uraca recently announced the acquisition of a new firm adding to the growing portfolio of firms related to the high pressure cleaning industry. On February 22, 2022, Uraca announced the purchase of the French company Thenon.  The Thenon Group consistsRead More →

Trade Show Notice – March 20  Uraca announced the recent change of dates for the upcoming ACHEMA in Frankfurt to August of 2022 will result in the inability of Uraca to attend. This would be the first time in many decades that Uraca will not be able to attend theRead More →

Centrifugal Pumps on the upswing  Despite Covid related down turns in many sectors, the Bungartz brand is growing world-wide. Offering pumps with run dry features and a myriad of applications, it is clear the competition is taking notice of the brand name. Once customers invest in a Bungartz pump, theRead More →

Uraca’s history is a history of quality and leading engineering. The image to the left is an early design two plunger pump, one of the few remaining samples of the Uraca pumps from the early 1920’s.   Uraca parts and service are still available for the oldest pumps still inRead More →

When visitors arrive at Chemac, and the workday is over, they are often encouraged to experience our local area’s culture and history. This 55 year old tradition of sharing our local area is always enjoyable for any visitors who have time to see the local sights and learn a littleRead More →

Covid and Seminars – What to do? Over the last decades, we hosted many well attended seminars for various sectors of industry. Seminars focused on the fertilizer sector, LDPE, pumps and covered a wide range of topics. Last year, due to Covid, we cancelled our 2021 plans for seminars. Customer’sRead More →