Alvin Texas: July 3, 2023 A URACA tank cleaning head (TWK), in conjunction with a high-pressure pump, propels a high-pressure water jet at highspeed using only water as a cleaning/removing agent. The water jet tool is only suited for hydro-dynamic internal cleaning of containers and enclosed spaces. This is recognizedRead More →

New Bern: July 12, 2023 Since there is increasing demand for maintenance teams to do more with less team members, there is a real problem with keeping up with the best practices to do basic maintenance on some equipment. To assist customers, Chemac is working on developing a library ofRead More →

Alvin, TX Update:  Chemac, Inc. in Alvin Texas continues to have a steady shop load, between the repair/assembly of URACA and Bungartz pumps. Some machines are over 35 years old and still, go back into service with new parts allowing these pumps to serve reliably for many more decades. WhenRead More →

Alvin, Texas- Some customers may realize too late that a pump is in need of general maintenance. The pump will then need to make a visit to one of Chemac, Inc.’s repair facilities. The first step is to contact Chemac, Inc and get an RMA# for the return of yourRead More →

KLINGERSIL® C-4240 is a gasket, specially designed for the individual requirements of the drinking water supply: The first fiber-reinforced flat gasket for drinking water installations: ✓ NBR rubber-reinforced with cellulose fiber ✓ Up to 185°F BASIS NBR (drinking water type) bonded, reinforced with cellulose fibers. BENEFITS ➤Specially developed for theRead More →

Alvin TX  – June 16, 2022 Uraca high pressure cleaning systems have been helping make our world cleaner and safer for many decades. Today, these automated systems for cleaning reactors and vessels are gaining renewed popularity for many good reasons, These include: Vessels are cleaner between batches making end productsRead More →

New Bern , NC  – June 16, 2022 For upcoming news articles, the format for the news will change. If there are any suggestions on how we may improve our news, please let us know before we make the change. We also look forward to hear your criticism if youRead More →

The state-of-the-art features of the new high-pressure plunger pump model P3-19 have proven to exceed its new aesthetic. The smaller, lighter frame packs the strength and up-to-date technical ingenuity, reinforcing URACA’s high quality standard. With its higher power density, the model not only replaces the previous KD708, but also opensRead More →

A full Range of Pressure – March 31 Our line of plunger/diaphragm, centrifugal and magnetic metering pumps are all wildly different pumping solutions for a myriad of applications. Broken down by OEM, here is a summary of the brands available: URACA – world leader in high pressure plunger pumps andRead More →

Growth via Acquisition – March 25 Bad Urach Germany – Uraca recently announced the acquisition of a new firm adding to the growing portfolio of firms related to the high pressure cleaning industry. On February 22, 2022, Uraca announced the purchase of the French company Thenon.  The Thenon Group consistsRead More →