URACA Adds New Firms to its Portfolio

Growth via Acquisition – March 25

Bad Urach Germany – Uraca recently announced the acquisition of a new firm adding to the growing portfolio of firms related to the high pressure cleaning industry. On February 22, 2022, Uraca announced the purchase of the French company Thenon.  The Thenon Group consists of the French firms Hydroclean and Dimaco.  Both firms are active in the high pressure cleaning industry and will further expand Uracas’s reach into this growing market. 

The recent acquisition of the Thenon Group (Hydroclean & Dimaco) is in addition to the 2018 purchase of the German firm Dynajet and demonstrates Uraca’s commitment as a leader in the high pressure cleaning industry. Dynajet is a leading European supplier of high pressure portable cleaning equipment. 

The growing water blasting portfolio will equip Uraca with the manufacturing and marketing resources to continue to make inroads into various high pressure pump sectors. This is important to the overall growth of the Uraca global brand. In the coming years, we look forward to more announcements as this is only the beginning of a new global strategy to expand into new and existing markets.