Bungartz Sales

Centrifugal Pumps on the upswing 

Despite Covid related down turns in many sectors, the Bungartz brand is growing world-wide. Offering pumps with run dry features and a myriad of applications, it is clear the competition is taking notice of the brand name. Once customers invest in a Bungartz pump, the buyer becomes a customer for life. Not only because the pumps keep running, but because quality of workmanship and value. 

Several years ago Chemac, Inc. welcomed Bungartz as a member of its quality portfolio joining famous names like Uraca, Kempchen, and Gather Industrie.  The Bungartz line allowed Chemac, Inc. to offer centrifugal pumps for similar industrial fields for the first time. The centrifugal pumps range offers customers additional high-quality equipment expanding the full range of pumps historically offered by Chemac, Inc. 

Never heard of Bungartz pumps? Please check them out on our website or follow our link to the Bungartz website. We are certainly not the “cheap” alternative, however, we may be your best solution for your needs.