Chemac, Inc. Employees Locally Active

Teaneck NJ – June 16, 2022

Chemac encourages employees to be active in the local communities we work and live in. employee activities outside the workplace are not mandated only encouraged. The community and employees benefit from activities across a wide range of interests. For example, some are active in service clubs like the Rotary, local Chamber organizations, local charity events, volunteer cleaning crews, and a host of events and organizations found in most communities.

In Texas, Rotary service is part of giving back to the community. The organization plays an important role in many charitable causes and local services. The organization’s two mottos “One Profits Most Who Serves Best” and “ Service above Self” are defining statements Chemac, Inc. encourages. Chemac’s previous President, Horst, was also a past president of Club #6 in Manhattan and active member until his retirement in 2012. The Rotary Club has about 1.4 million members and is widely credited with helping reduce Polio cases by 99% worldwide. Horst was instrumental in bringing this spirit to the company and it is part of the corporate “fabric”. To this day, the present company leadership carries this tradition forwards.

The new location in NC also enjoys community activities. One example, during the start of the pandemic, Chemac team members partook in a major garbage clean up in the Croatan Forest. The event was organized by Steve Tyson, a local leader (NC Senate District 3) and business owner. The clean up crew removed tons of garbage with the help of numerous local volunteers and US Marines from the nearby base Cherry Point Airbase. Braving heat, snakes and garbage of all varieties, the volunteers were all heroes on this day.

On June 18, the NC team is scheduled to compete in the Great River Raft Race of New Bern. All rafts need to be “home made” and powered by muscles or wind. Chemac’s Captain, Lexington Reese, and his boatswain Robert Hardin and an additional team members are tasked with winning the race. The short ½ mile race on the Trent and Neuse Rivers will be the debut of “Kegalodon” the fastest boat on the water. This great community event is the centerpiece of events for the city of New Bern in June and more info can be found here

The challenge for all Chemac employees is to join a service club, religious organization or any other type of community service setting and make the best of your community. If we help the communities we live in, we make them better places to live and show our appreciation for others doing the same. Carpe Diem.