Chemac Inc. Service and Support

With over 50 years of high pressure experience, Chemac Inc. is your trusted partner for industrial high-pressure pumps and equipment service and support.

Maintenance Agreements

Extended maintenance plans are available. Call us about maintenance plans for your equipment: 1-800-217-8677. It doesn’t matter how old or new; we can customize a plan for your needs.

Emergency On-site and Off-site Services

On call 24/7, Chemac offers emergency services for critical parts and service needs.

Training Services

If maintenance teams need training on how to maintain equipment, Chemac offers training courses to suit your needs. On-site or off-site training is available. Each program is custom tailored to your needs.

Blanket Orders

Lower cost and improve delivery of most non-stock items with our easy Blanket Order Agreement Service. More info is available by contacting Chemac’s Service Division.

Financing Projects, Pumps, and Tools

For approved companies, Chemac Inc. offers leasing services through several leasing services companies and can offer to reduce initial capital outlay. Ask us about leasing options or how your firm can get “approved status.”

Diagnostic Services

If any manufacturer’s high pressure equipment should fail, Chemac Inc. can run tests to investigate the failure. Failure analysis can be used to improve design and operating procedures or determine if operators, material failure, or a combination of errors attributed to the premature failure of high-pressure equipment.

Start up Services

For heavy equipment, we offer on-site start up services. From plants to pumps, start up services by our highly qualified engineers and technicians.

Consultant Services

Chemac Inc. offers consulting services for all types of high-pressure applications and/or sealing issues. From complete process plants for LDPE, SCFE, to pump packages or cleaning systems. Contact Chemac to find out more about how we can help you.

Procurement/Design Services

Chemac can assist you with high-pressure applications. Our global team of design engineers and support staff are networked to work together seamlessly to offer customers 100% support. We can help find the parts or services you need if we are unable to provide them for you.

Assembly of Pump Packages

We can custom design and assemble pump packages for pump applications up to 208,000 psi. Skid-mounted, mobile, diesel, electric, etc. Available for pumps in our existing product line.

Custom Systems Design

Custom assembly of high-pressure cleaning heads, high-pressure pumps for water blasting or process applications, and control systems. Chemac also offers custom design diaphragm pumps and plunger pumps for a variety of process fluids requiring high pressure. We specialize in designing and assembling equipment to meet or exceed customer specifications. Whether a custom configuration for a simple cleaning head or a complete custom process pump package system, Chemac works closely with customers through each step of the design process to assure the end result is a fast return on investment.

Please contact Chemac Inc. about your service and support needs before shipping any equipment to our locations.

Toll Free in (US and Canada) 1-800-217-8677 or (001-201-934-3300), or fax 201-327-8861.