Kempchen PTFE Products The Kempchen range of plastic products at a glance: Gaskets Piston rings Guide belts Guide rings Control floats V-packing rings Solid O-rings Coated O-Rings with elastomer insets Balls All types of structural elements PTFE bearings and sliding support bearings for all applications As a sliding system forRead More →

Kempchen Packings For dynamic and static applications and made of high-grade synthetic yarns such as Kevlar or Twaron, GFO, PTFE, yarns made of expanded graphite, synthetic mineral-fibre yarns as well as from the natural fibrous braids hemp, cotton and ramie. Available by the meter or as compression-molded rings in aRead More →

Metal/Soft Material Gaskets Metal/Soft material gaskets are combinations made of suitable metals connected with graphite, PTFE, rubber or even heat-resistant cords, wovens and braids. Advantage: Separation of the “bearing” and “Sealing” functions. Almost all profile joints can also be manufactured as an oval gasket or as a frame. Depending onRead More →

Rubber Compensators With pressure-proof cord inserts for the whole of industry to compensate expansions and to reduce noise and vibration transmission. Also in a braced version as a lateral or articulated compensator.  PTFE Compensators Rival PTFE compensators for high chemical and mechanical loads. Used to admit axial, lateral and angularRead More →