TWK Cleaning Heads and Tools

TWK Cleaning Heads and Tools ranging from 2,000 psi to 23,200 psi can be used in all industries for tanks, vessels, reactors, containers or other internal equipment where surface fouling causes product quality problems; production delays as a result of long cleaning times between batches; and unsafe conditions for cleaning personnel.

TWK Cleaning Heads and Tools
TWK Cleaning Heads and Tools

Conventional cleaning of containers and tanks of all types is in many cases very time consuming and the results are not always satisfying. 

Au­to­mat­ic high pres­sure clean­ing there­fore as­serts it­self more and more: A high pres­sure plunger pump press­es wa­ter through the noz­zles of the TWK tank clean­ing head with a pres­sure up to 1,600 bar / 23,200 psi.

The wa­ter jet cuts through the de­posits and with its defined se­quence of mo­tion guar­an­tees sur­face cov­er­ing re­mo­val of th­ese dirt de­posits. In re­la­tion to the rules stip­u­lat­ed in the ATEX di­rec­tive, the tank clean­ing heads can be used in all ex-zones (ex­cept in min­ing). In fact, they can be used in ex­plo­sion en­dan­gered at­mo­spheres caused by gas­es, vapours, mists, and dust.

Clean­ing the in­side of tanks with high-pres­sure wa­ter is help­ful to the en­vi­ron­ment. It does not re­quire the use of chem­i­cals, me­chan­i­cal tools or boil­ing. The waste dis­pos­al of the ac­cu­mu­lat­ing clean­ing wa­ter is limit­ed to the se­pa­ra­tion of the cleaned off prod­ucts. Com­pared with con­ven­tio­n­al meth­ods, high-pres­sure clean­ing is char­ac­terised by con­sid­er­ab­ly short­er clean­ing times and a bet­ter clean­ing ef­fect.

The cor­rect po­si­tion­ing of the tank clean­ing head is es­sen­tial for op­ti­mal clean­ing. The po­si­tion­ing de­vices and reel sys­tems, which are in­di­vi­d­u­al­ly adapt­ed to the tank ge­ome­try, en­able the per­for­mance of a tank-spe­cif­ic clean­ing se­quence. Lance sys­tems serve the pur­pose of po­si­tion­ing the tank clean­ing head TWK. Th­ese are char­ac­terised by the fixed po­si­tion­ing of the tank clean­ing head in ex­act ex­ten­sion of the lance axis, both in ver­ti­cal and slant­ed mount­ing po­si­tion. The achiev­able stroke is 7 m plus.

The pres­sure-tight at­mo­sphere when clean­ing some chem­i­cals in a tank clean­ing con­tain­er helps to en­able “pro­cess in­te­grat­ed” clean­ing. The clean­ing pro­cess can be start­ed im­me­di­ate­ly af­ter drain­ing off the prod­uct and does not re­quire any pre­pa­ra­tions, i.e. clean­ing takes place within the pro­duc­tion at­mo­sphere. Be­sides the im­prove­ment of prod­uct qual­i­ty based on op­ti­mal clean­ing re­sults and low en­er­gy con­sump­tion due to the avoi­dance of thick de­posits, pro­duc­tion down­times are re­duced to a min­i­mum.

Advantages of TWK Cleaning Heads and Tools:

Uraca TWK Cleaning Heads - Residue Chart
  • Effective: To date, the most thorough and fastest cleaning method. Reduces vessel “out of service” time which maximizes plant and equipment capacity. The best return on investment!
  • Experience: With cleaning systems installed around the globe, our Uraca systems engineers have the experience to get the job done right the first time.
  • 3D: Three dimensional cleaning effect cleans the entire vessel such that product quality and plant efficiency can be improved.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Chemicals or solvents are eliminated as cleaning agents. The TWK units utilize water, which eliminates the need to dispose of environmentally hazardous substances.
  • Flexible: Clean on demand. No more lost production time waiting for a cleaning.
  • Control: Manual, semi- or fully-automated systems reduce personnel costs. As much control or as little as required to get the job done.
  • Reduces Emmissions: Hermetically and/or pressure tight systems are available. Reduces the need to purge or flush vessels. Avoids the escape of hazardous discharges into the work area.
  • Fast: Extremely efficient nozzles improve cleaning time, reduce water usage and electrical power consumption. Cleaning is measured in minutes not hours or days!
  • Service: Fast service eliminates down time. Chemac Inc. is ready to service your URACA tools and systems 24 hours a day.

Regardless of how difficult the cleaning task may be, high-pressure water can clean surfaces easily. The chart above depicts typical representative pressures required to remove various materials.

Use of tank cleaning heads

Uraca TWK Cleaning Heads and Tools

High-pressure pumps from URACA generate the cleaning jet required for the hydrodynamic cleaning process. High-pressure water flows via a pipe or hose to the tank cleaning head positioned inside the container to be cleaned. It works either freely on a hose from above or via a high-pressure pipe vertically or horizontally in the container. The partially or fully automatic positioning by means of a special device is possible. 

The degree of soiling determines the design of the tank cleaning head and the cleaning parameters such as operating pressure, flow rate, rotor speed and cleaning time. 

How a tank cleaning head works

The tank cleaning head works on the basis of the hydrodynamic principle. The repulsion power of the water as it exits the nozzles drives the cleaning head. Together with the lever arm on the rotor, this generates a torque that causes the shaft to rotate. An external drive is not necessary. The internal gearbox transmits the rotary motion to the built-in eddy current brake and the connection shaft of the tank cleaning head. In addition, the head rotates about its longitudinal axis and rotates in two levels.

Tools & Accessories

All cleaning tools and Equipment from One Source

  • Lances
  • Motors (electric/diesel)
  • Positioning Devices
  • Pumps (up to 60,000.00psi
  • Valves (foot, unloading, safety)

high pressure cleaning system is safe, increases product quality and production, and offers a fast return on investment. Contact Chemac to find out more about how water can improve your plants productions and product quality.

If it has to be cleaned in the shortest time possible, it has to be a Uraca tool! Detailed information on all sizes and models available on request.

PDF Data Sheets: Uraca TWK High Pressure Cleaning Heads & Tools