Kempchen PTFE/Rubber Products

Kempchen PTFE Products

The Kempchen range of plastic products at a glance:

  • Gaskets
  • Piston rings
  • Guide belts
  • Guide rings
  • Control floats
  • V-packing rings
  • Solid O-rings
  • Coated O-Rings with elastomer insets
  • Balls
  • All types of structural elements

PTFE bearings and sliding support bearings for all applications

As a sliding system for pipe bridges, steel constructions, buildings with movable foundations, pipelines, containers and boilers.

Kempchen Rubber Products

For many years, Kempchen has been manufacturing products from elastomer materials in Oberhausen. All technically interesting types of rubber are processed nowadays, namely in the form of rolls, sheeting, injection molded profiles, molded parts, rubber-metal connections, compensators for cooling water pipelines, compensators for flue gas desulpheriszing plants, and as coating compounds.

The strong points of Kempchen rubber technology lie in flexibility. This becomes apparent in the completion of unconventional orders, such as non-standard dimensions, small batch sizes or special mixtures with particular properties, such as our NBR mixture 50219.0, which has been approved for use with drinking water and for gas supplies.

Rivafluor B1 – Easy-to-work coating compound on the basis of fluorinated rubber with high resistance to chemicals.

Rivafluor K1 – Adhesive for bonding fluorinated rubber parts with ceramic material or metallic materials.

Rivafluor T – Disconnection paste to separate fluorinated rubber components from steel parts.

Rubber-Metal Connections

Made from all synthetic rubber types or natural rubber according to Kempchen’s dimensional drawings or to your designs as molded parts, injection molded parts, rubber hose rings, rubber O-rings, coupling halves, etc.

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