Kempchen Compensators

Rubber Compensators

With pressure-proof cord inserts for the whole of industry to compensate expansions and to reduce noise and vibration transmission. Also in a braced version as a lateral or articulated compensator. 

PTFE Compensators

Rival PTFE compensators for high chemical and mechanical loads. Used to admit axial, lateral and angular movement. Folds can be cut acute-angled, machined-rounded, square-shaped, or formed from highly-compressed PTFE. 

Metal Compensators

For high pressure and temperature loads. Compensators are made from special steels and all weldable metals; with or without flanges, with movement restrainers supplied on request.

Elastomer Compensators

For flue gas desulphurising and purification plants. These components:

  • Are used wherever increased chemical attack is expected
  • Can be used at temperatures of up to 200°C depending on the quality of the elastomer
  • Are available for round- and square-shaped conduit, with or without pre-formed flute at the edges
  • Are equipped with vulcanised outlet nozzle with or without flange connection if requested

Chimney Seals

Lining-joint seals made of fluorinated rubber terpolymer with wire fabric reinforcement made of high-alloy special steel are used to seal the expansion joints in chimney linings. The sealing strip is attached to the lining by means of wall anchors and clamping strips made of high-alloy special steel. The clamping strips and wall anchors can also be coated with the fluorinated rubber system B1. Due to its special structure and the materials selected, this seal can be subjected to a permanent temperature load of up to 200°C. Realon cords made of PTFE with a silicate-fibre core which can withstand permanent temperatures up to 260°C and short term peak loads up to 305°C, are used in chimneys to additionally safeguard the lining-joint seal.

Freely Movable Fabric Compensators 

For gaseous media with a low solids content, Kempchen manufactures fabric compensators from heat-resistant abd acid-proof materials as a flexible connection in pipelines and conduit in order to accomodate positional alterations that result from thermal expansion or settlement. Can be used up to 1200°C and 400 mbar

Fabric compensators with sinter PTFE foil in 0.5 mm thickness can be subjected to high chemical and thermal (up to 260°C) loads on a permanent basis and are also used in the wet areas of flue gas desulphurising plants as well as in DENOX plants. A reinforced border made of fluorinated rubber ensures imperviousness in the flange area.Kempchen manufactures special versions for use in waste incineration plants or plants in the chemical industry. 

PDF Data Sheets: Compensators