Kempchen Packings

Kempchen Packings For dynamic and static applications and made of high-grade synthetic yarns such as Kevlar or Twaron, GFO, PTFE, yarns made of expanded graphite, synthetic mineral-fibre yarns as well as from the natural fibrous braids hemp, cotton and ramie.

Available by the meter or as compression-molded rings in a dry version or impregnated according to their intended application.

Packing tools such as packing extractors, packing knives, and packing cutting equipment.

The New Generation of Packings:

  • K95 – Made of flexible graphite. Use: up to 300 bar, 450°C and 20 m/s
  • K100 – Made of flexible graphite with a special stainless steel braiding. Use: up to 500 bar, 500°C and 8 m/s.

Sandwich Packing Sets K80S

Graphite stainless steel sandwich packing sets as base and end ring for spindle and rod seals in high-performance/high-temperature fittings. The K80S packing rings reliably prevent the blow off that occurs with conventional graphite packing rings.

As a result of their special structure they also prevent the spindle sticking and make constant regulating power possible. K80S has also proved itself successful in shutters and ball cocks.

PDF Data Sheets: Packings