High Pressure Valves and Tools

Our line of URACA High Pressure Valves and Tools is designed and produced to the same exacting standards as our Uraca pumps and cleaning tools. This means you can expect the same level of quality engineering and manufacturing from these valves, nozzles, and other tools as you’ve come to expect from Uraca pumps. 

Developed and manufactured for small to very large flow rates and system pressures of over 3,000 bar.

URACA High Pressure Valves and Tools are in operation worldwide under the toughest conditions imaginable. Designed and manufactured to easily withstand dirt and dust, extremely high and low temperatures and especially heavy duty conditions that such machines are subject to. Countless testimonials from enthusiastic users confirm the durability of URACA valves.

High-pressure displacement pumps require valves

High Pressure Valves and Tools
Diaphragm actuated dual-switching safety valve MDSV, built into an URACA electrical unit RS716 E for maximum pressure deburring with 3000 bar.

Control and regulating valves in systems with displacement pumps (plunger pumps) are absolutely required for reliable and efficient operation. While with the centrifugal pump the flow rate adjusts itself according to the counterpressure prevailing in the system, the displacement pump because of the delivery rate determined by its displacement and speed delivers permanently regardless of the system‘s counterpressure.

If the required delivery rate changes, e.g. by shutting off a consumer (closing a spray gun), the system pressure would suddenly rise without appropriate valves causing the system to shut down or even sustain defects.

To reliably prevent this, each high-pressure plunger pump system needs safety and working valves.

Functions and valve types

The operation of displacement pumps requires valves

  • To ensure the maximum pressure or as variable alternative to the bursting disk.
  • To open the bypass to allow the pump to deliver without pressure.
  • To shut off the delivery flow before a consumer.
  • To adjust the delivery flow to the consumer. The surplus delivery flow is diverted, bypassing the consumer.
  • To activate and deactivate individual consumers if several of them are working in alternating fashion (diverter valve).
  • And for other special tasks.

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