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Alvin, Texas, 12/17 – The Uraca brand 3D cleaning tools has a tremendous reputation for saving customers countless hours in production time while improving product quality and safety. The 3D TWK family has been imitated, but was never successfully copied to provide the same long run times, cleaning impact andRead More →

Alvin, Texas, 08/17 – Running a pump dry was always a big “no-no”, unless of course you are working with a Bungartz pump centrifugal pump using the TCC Dryrun shaft seal. Let’s take a closer look at this seal as we explain the benefits and applications in more detail… TCCRead More →

Upper Saddle River, NJ 12/15-  The name “Bungartz” is well known in Industry as a leading supplier of centrifugal pumps for a wide range of applications.  The run dry pumps, special pumping systems and high quality designs by Bungartz  offer horizontal, vertical, cantilever shaft, Wet and dry well, Axial flowRead More →

Bungartz Pumps for Fertilizer Applications 09/2015 NJ – Chemac, Inc. announced its expanding its high quality pump offering for fertilizer plants with the addition of Bungartz centrifugal pumps. The Bungartz pumps are ideal for fertilizer plants applications for Ammonia Nitrate melt and Ammonia Nitrate solutions. The centrifugal pumps add toRead More →