In-House Repairs of Bungartz Pumps – UPDATED

With the recent addition of the Bungartz product line, the Alvin, TX Service Center is now open for the in-house repairs of Bungartz pumps.  Any size and type of Bungartz pump can now be repaired in the United States, avoiding long delays and expensive freight costs incurred by shipping the pump to the factory in Germany.

Whether the large Bungartz UMOR or the smaller EV pumps, in-house repairs by the Chemac Service Department can be carried out with the same attention to detail and precision as if the work was being performed at the factory.

Service Closeup: Bungartz Pump Repair (March 2021)

After many years of long service, a customer sent their Bungartz E-V2920D/80/65-AN pump to Chemac, Inc.’s Texas facility for repair.  After the pump was thoroughly inspected, it became evident, after many years of use, the medium had an ingress of solids that wore away the internal protective barrier leading to penetration of the housing as shown in the images below.

The pump housing, impeller and all fluid contacting parts were replaced as well as a new liner added for the unit.  The pump was then re-assembled, tested, quality controlled, packed and returned to the customer for many more years of reliable service.

Chemac, Inc. is a qualified service facility for URACA, UHDE, Gather Industrie, Bungartz and Kempchen. Services cover onsite/offsite overhauls, general maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting. For complete details, and how to arrange for services,  we welcome your visit to our Services pages for more information.

In-House Repairs of Bungartz Pumps
In-House Repairs of Bungartz Pumps
In-House Repairs of Bungartz Pumps