The state-of-the-art features of the new high-pressure plunger pump model P3-19 have proven to exceed its new aesthetic. The smaller, lighter frame packs the strength and up-to-date technical ingenuity, reinforcing URACA’s high quality standard. With its higher power density, the model not only replaces the previous KD708, but also opens up a wider field of application with an impressive 10% more power.

The new high-pressure plunger pump model P3-19 offers high power density and the longest possible running times. It includes a crankcase sealing system to ensure even higher reliability compared to its predecessor- the KD708. The new, compact design and an optimized position of the input shaft allows for easy installation.

Weighing only 357.15 lbs, it includes the integrated gear drive. Moreover, this upgrade minimizes customer switching costs- as the new mounting points are nearly identical to those of the KD708.

Cleaning jobs are met, both ecologically and economically, as they operate with an incredibly high efficiency (η > 0.9) over the entire speed range, even in partial load operation. With a power range from approx. 40 HP to 3,500 HP drive power and operating pressures up to 43,500 psi, the URACA pump portfolio meets almost all requirements for pumping applications in the highest pressure ranges.

Switching to a P3-19 is easy for customers who are looking for an upgrade:

Lighter weight, state-of-the-art high quality manufacturing offering maximum vertical integration in an overall more compact design.

➤Power rating: up to 83 kW
➤Operating pressure: up to 250 bar
➤Flow rate: 21,5-292 lpm
➤Dimensions: 668x579,5x298,5mm
➤Weight: 357.15 lb