Gather Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps

Gather Pumps: Reliability and Performance Guaranteed

Gather Magnetic Drive Pumps
Gather Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps

Gather magnetic drive gear pumps have a long record of reliable and accurate performance. This high standard of performance is one reason Gather pumps are often recommended by end users and engineering contractors for use in many different industries. Reliability and accuracy are characteristic of all Gather pumps.

Gather Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps are ideal for pulsation free conveying and dosing of lubricating and non-lubricating liquids, including water, salt solutions, solving agents, acids, and alkalis. Depending on the liquid handled, these pumps run up to a differential pressure of 15 bar (218 psi). 

A unique feature of these hermetically closed pumps is their internal flushing ducts. Apart from cooling and lubricating the slide bearings, flushing ducts also allow for easy cleaning (CIP – cleaning in place).

Gather magnetic drive gear pumps are very safe, easy to install and maintain, and can be quickly changed.

What makes the Gather Pump so reliable and accurate?

Gather issues an operating specification tailored to the application guaranteeing the pump’s performance when operated within the issued specifications.  Materials chosen for the construction of the pumps’ gears, slide bearings, seals, and bodies as outlined in the specification ensures the best possible tribological properties for the medium being pumped.  The Gather pump is not just a metering pump but a small process pump delivering pulsation free, hermitically sealed performance. 

Below is an example of an application specification.  When the pump is operated within this particular specification, long and reliable operation is guaranteed.

Pumping Medium ApplicationDye (Please verify chemical resistance of materials) Metering
Temperature10-50°C, static air temp 20°C – cleaning with steam @ 150°C – not sterilizable
Density1.0 kg/l
Viscosity10.0-20.0 mPa s
Discharge Pressure7.00 bar abs
Suction Pressure (feed)bar abs
Differential Pressure6.00 bar 
Capacity0.005-0.067 lpm (0.3-4.0 l/hr ≈ 0.3-4.0 kg/hr)
Pump Speed690-2,050 rpm
Motor Speed2,750 rpm variable
Suction Connection½” Triclamp
Discharge Connection½” Triclamp
Mode of OperationContinuous (24h/day)
Location Indoor / outdoor

Gather pumps are designed according to the application, whether for low or high viscosity liquids. The pump, depending on the application, may be Cleaned in Place (CIP) and Sterilized in Place (SIP) if allowed by the design. 

In order to provide the best solutions for every customer’s application, we evaluate the needs and process conditions with our clients to ensure long life and reliability. We also fulfill individual client needs regarding fittings and drives.

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