Tank Cleaning Head TIPs

Your 3D tool troubleshooting.

Tank cleaning heads are used for high pressure cleaning of vessels and containers requiring pressures up to 20,000psi.  The Tank Cleaning head, aka TWK, is the perfect tool for any job requiring high pressure cleaning. The tools can be used by contractors or end users for a myriad of applications.  The tools or often used for cleaning polymers, glues, ABS, Latex, PVC, Tartar or any difficult to remove material fouling the inside of vessels, pipes or other confined spaces. The tools are environmentally friendly in that they use water (can be recycled) and can reduce pollution (many sites used caustic to clean in the past) and get the job done in a much shorter time period offering a great return on investment. 

However, even the best tools may require troubleshooting. Here are a few items operators can troubleshoot if they experience the following:

IssuePotential Solution
The tool isn’t rotating or building pressure while the pump is running, but water is passing nozzlesCheck proper nozzles sizes(may be too large or worn) Check feed lines and TWK for leaks 
TWK tool is swinging back and forth on hose
Check nozzle sizes match Check for rotor damage Check for obstructions lodged in nozzles
Tool builds pressure but rotor doesn’t turnGears could be damaged Ensure magnetic brake at proper setting
Tool rotor turns too fast or too slowCheck brake settings
Tool isn’t working properlyCheck instructions to confirm pressure and flow is correct from pump for tool set up (nozzles/rotor)

The above are a few samples for troubleshooting. The instruction books, provided with each tool, offer more solutions and fixes for the tool. If the instruction books are not available, let us know. We can provide customers a copy.

Most customers prefer to have their tools maintained by a professionally trained technician and send their tools to Chemac for maintenance. Chemac also offers training for techs working on these tools. However, the tools are so robust they normally last so long many operators may need to take refresher courses on their maintenance.  It is imperative that all high pressure equipment is serviced by properly trained personnel to avoid any unnecessary damage or injury. If in doubt, please contact Chemac Inc for maintenance and repair of your TWK tools.