Trade Shows for 2022

Impact of the Pandemic still being felt.

Will 2022 be the year all trade shows and seminars go back to “normal”? The largest chemical & industrial process show, the ACHEMA, has already postponed the fair from April to August as a result of the recent pandemic Omicron wave. The CES tech trade fair in Las Vegas opened its doors this past Wednesday, but many major firms were not in attendance and still may be unwilling to subject employees to potential Covid exposures.  The show was clearly not as well attended by visitors and exhibitors, but at least they are opening up and other trade shows and seminars are following the bigger shows as they try to make the shows as safe as possible for all.

 We believe 2022 will continue to see domestic trade shows and live seminars become more and more popular as the pandemic continues… and hopefully wanes. However, many international travelers may still be too concerned with quarantine times if they test positive… even if vaccinated.  The age of the viruses is upon us and it won’t go away anytime soon. Thus, we must find a means to move forward with business without risking unnecessary exposure to any transmissible illnesses. 

The “Chemac, Inc Pump and Equipment Seminar” planned for November 2022, is on the calendar, but will not be confirmed until we receive enough replies for tentative reservations. We will keep any potential attendees aware of any delays or cancellations due to the pandemic or related travel restrictions. If the seminar is deemed a risk for any attendees, employees of speakers, we will postpone until 2023. Please check back for updates on any planned shows, seminars and events.