Training Seminar for 2022?

Covid and Seminars – What to do?

Over the last decades, we hosted many well attended seminars for various sectors of industry. Seminars focused on the fertilizer sector, LDPE, pumps and covered a wide range of topics. Last year, due to Covid, we cancelled our 2021 plans for seminars. Customer’s demand for training remained high in 2021 and instead of seminars we offered Zoom classes, but they are not the same as live seminars. Face to face meetings are always better to develop strong service relationships. Many of our seminars included presentations by CEOs from Uraca (Mr. Gunter Stoehr) and Bungartz (Frank Bungartz) allowing our customers maintenance and management attendees to meet the top management from our manufacturing plants. The seminars are excellent for learning about maintaining key equipment. Our customers invested in high quality machines and it is important to keep maintenance teams operating equipment at peak efficiency.

For 2022, we are planning a seminar scheduled to be held in early November. If Covid doesn’t interfere, the seminar will be held in New Bern, North Carolina and cover the following topics:

High Pressure Plunger pumps for steel mills, blasting and spunlace applications -repair, maintenance, troubleshooting.

Process Plunger Pumps – Fertilizer plants. Ammonia and carbamate pumps – design, repair, maintenance. 

Process Plunger Pumps – C02 applications – design, repair and maintenance

Process Centrifugal Pumps – specialty applications for urea plants, energy, power generation etc. –  design, repair, maintenance. 

Process mag drive pumps – lab scale, production and various applications – Design, repair, maintenance.

Sealing Applications – gaskets, seals, and leakage control options.

Please review your calendar and let us know before the end of February if these topics appeal to your plant. Past seminar attendees have noted the information and contacts were “the best experience” and “most informative seminar”. Attendees will not only have several days of learning valuable information to keep their plants running, but also make new contacts and learn new skills. Plus, historic New Bern is the heart of Eastern North Carolina and offers visitors a wide range of after work experiences including, boating, fishing, historic tours, and golf. 

The seminars are ideal for plant managers, service/maintenance mechanics and Engineers looking to build skills ensuring plant operations and maintenance of key equipment.

Please contact Kim Stuart at and let us know if you would like more information or would like to attend the November seminar. More information will be made available after we evaluate the potential impact the pandemic may have on a seminar planned for November 2022.