Alvin Texas: July 3, 2023 A URACA tank cleaning head (TWK), in conjunction with a high-pressure pump, propels a high-pressure water jet at highspeed using only water as a cleaning/removing agent. The water jet tool is only suited for hydro-dynamic internal cleaning of containers and enclosed spaces. This is recognizedRead More →

New Bern, NC: July 17, 2023 Mark your calendar, early October 2024 “Pump Me Up” – Training Seminar will take place in the City of New Bern, NC. The 3 day training “camp” will cover a variety of topics including: Keep on Pumping – A three part class dedicated toRead More →

New Bern: July 12, 2023 Since there is increasing demand for maintenance teams to do more with less team members, there is a real problem with keeping up with the best practices to do basic maintenance on some equipment. To assist customers, Chemac is working on developing a library ofRead More →

New Bern NC: July 10, 2023 The annual MS Ride is back in New Bern. The list of riders is starting to grow and the overall funds raised to date promising. Chemac’s Robert Hardin is spearheading the coordination for Team Chemac again this year. As team leader last year, Robert’sRead More →

Bad Urach Germany: July 09, 2023 Since 1893, Uraca has innovated and designed solutions for industry. The company is a world leader in high-pressure pump and water blast cleaning solutions. There is almost no industry without a Uraca pump from oil and gas to CO2 extraction and everything in betweenRead More →

Wanaque, NJ Adventurers recently discovered  Gather gear pumps near Area 51… famous for UFO activity. They were also discovered near the “Roswell of the Ramapo’s” in Wanaque NJ where in 1966 aliens were sighted hovering over the Wanaque Reservoir. Despite their age, the discovered pumps looked almost brand new whenRead More →

Alvin, TX Update:  Chemac, Inc. in Alvin Texas continues to have a steady shop load, between the repair/assembly of URACA and Bungartz pumps. Some machines are over 35 years old and still, go back into service with new parts allowing these pumps to serve reliably for many more decades. WhenRead More →

New Bern, North Carolina- Last year Team Chemac was all in in various events benefiting charities, fund raisers and local events. One of the local events was the Great River Raft Race in New Bern, NC. The race brings in tourists for local businesses and provides entertainment for locals andRead More →

New Bern, North Carolina- Mr. Arthur Jones, President and CEO of Great Jones Productions of NYC, recently visited New Bern North Carolina to investigate the city as a potential movie location. The most well-known “movie location” in Eastern North Carolina is Wilmington, NC with over 200 films and movies shotRead More →

Houston, Texas- Although training seminars were very popular prior to the Pandemic, training and support has migrated to online seminars. Although informative, the online seminars do very little when it comes to the primary benefit of the seminar… meeting people and developing professional working relationships with suppliers and other experiencedRead More →