Alvin, TX

Update:  Chemac, Inc. in Alvin Texas continues to have a steady shop load, between the repair/assembly of URACA and Bungartz pumps. Some machines are over 35 years old and still, go back into service with new parts allowing these pumps to serve reliably for many more decades.

When pumps are in for repair, they are completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear/damage.  Once the inspection is completed the customer receives a detailed report, assessment, and repair quote.  Overhauls can keep pumps running for many more decades.

From plunger pumps to centrifugal, the Chemac line of pumps can handle the most severe environments. From the powerful and reliable Uraca plunger pumps to the Bungartz centrifugal, these pumps offer customers long-term value and reliability. Regardless of how old the pumps are, spare parts and service are always available. All too often, customers want to fix equipment, and the OEM either no longer exists, doesn’t offer the models you are looking for, or can’t fix what they sold only a few years ago.  The Chemac line of pumps are in partners for the “long-haul” offering support for the life of your investment.  The pipeline of service work, in Texas and North Carolina for very old machines, is testimony to the durability, reliability, and value of these workhorse pumps and tools. Our commitment to service lasts the life of the equipment… from pumps, systems to tools.

For more information of the services provided by Chemac, Inc. please review our website or contact us at chemac@chemacinc.com. If you have any questions about sending us your equipment for overhaul or inspection, please reach our service techs for an RMA #. The RMA # allows your equipment to be processed faster and shortens turn-around time. Service@chemacinc.com