AREA 51 and Wanaque, NJ Discovery of Gather Pumps Near UFO Activity

Wanaque, NJ

Adventurers recently discovered  Gather gear pumps near Area 51… famous for UFO activity. They were also discovered near the “Roswell of the Ramapo’s” in Wanaque NJ where in 1966 aliens were sighted hovering over the Wanaque Reservoir. Despite their age, the discovered pumps looked almost brand new when they were uncovered at both locations in 2023.

Apparently, aliens used the most advanced technology available in their space labs and must have “beamed” up the pumps from a shipment in 1965. Area 51 findings clearly indicate the crashed UFO had these advanced pumps on board. The Wanaque NJ findings, seem to indicate the pumps were used in a lab where they may have conducted experiments “not of this earth”.  The Wanaque area is famous for a major UFO sighting.

Gather pumps are high quality metering pumps used in a myriad of applications.  Labs use them for projects working on cures and treatments for Covid illnesses and a host of other medical and non-medical uses. One can see why the aliens must have chosen Gather as their premier pumps for metering applications. The pumps are designed for each specific application and keep running as demonstrated by the recent “alien” findings. The discovered pumps were returned to Chemac in an ongoing effort to determine what the pumps were being used for by the aliens.

Could these findings indicate the secret labs in and around Tuxedo New York may have been supported by alien technology? From the 1940’s, the Tuxedo Park New York area was a place names like Enrico Fermi, Albert Einstein, and other notable scientists were actively working on the Manhattan Project and other secret projects.  They used labs to discover RADAR and other advanced technologies. Could they have had help from the nearby Wanaque UFOs apparently leaving the area in 1966? Was Gather Industries founded with the help of advanced technologies? Who knows? The truth is out there. Maybe.

Everyone familiar with “Area 51” will ask… were Gather pumps used in a crashed alien spaceship? Why did the crash site reveal the Gather pumps now?  What other experiments were going on? Will the government release the other Gather pumps found at the site? Can this story be true?

We can answer the last question above… the story is only partially true and mostly fabricated. You are welcome to research the names and locations for some interesting historical tidbits. However, the truth is… Gather pumps are really being used in space and Gather is a world leader in metering technology. Recent ISS missions, as part of the ESA space labs, used Gather pumps in space for testing purposes.  While these tests may still be ongoing, Gather pumps have a proven track record going back over 50 years.

If UFO’s had a choice, we are sure they would select a Gather pump for all their metering applications. Quality and service life are the basis of the Chemac, Inc product line. Apparently, the news has already reached outer space. Interested in more information about Gather metering pumps or other leading Chemac, Inc products? We will gladly answer any inquiries, both alien and domestic.

Disclaimer – This article was written for entertainment purposes only. While the names of places and occurrences may or may not be real, the purpose of the article is to draw attention to the use of Gather pumps in space.