Internships for Students

Students with real World Experience

For at least the last 30 years plus, Chemac, Inc. has offered students of engineering and marketing the opportunity build their skills during semester breaks. Many students came from overseas Universities or trade schools (including Reutlingen Business School, Technical University of Madrid, University of Tuebingen and many others). In the past years, the focus has shifted to domestic universities, colleges and high schools including The Epiphany School of Global Studies in New Bern, Craven Community College, Berkely, Georgia Technology, Rutgers University, Ridgewood HS of NJ, Skidmore College and Bentley University to name a few.  

In addition to students, Chemac has also offered suppliers the opportunity to study in the United States by arranging training or doing internships at Chemac, Inc. Over the year, employees from Uraca, Uhde, Deutsche Bank and others spent time in the US on AIPT organized trainee internships. 

The objective of these programs is to allow students the opportunity to accumulate very important hands on skills while working on real projects and assignments. The experience is rewarding for both Chemac Inc and the intern. 

If you know someone interested in an internship at Chemac, Inc. they are now offered in Friendswood Texas and New Bern North Carolina. Interested? International students must apply via Cultural Vistas (formerly AIPT) at the following link. 

 Cultural Vistas | Experience the Global Workplace | Intern + Work Abroad

Domestic students can apply by emailing a resume for the internship program to Vilma at . Programs are offered for summer and winter semester breaks and will be closed when full.