Interns from New Jersey, Kentucky and New York

Interns201508/15- VGC

USR NJ – Chemac, Inc. continues its long, successful intern program to help engineering students find summer jobs and gain experience working in the high pressure industry. Interns in this industry are exposed to the wide range of jobs supporting high-pressure applications. From high pressure water, to process applications ranging from food processing to oil and gas… the “high pressure” skills required are numerous.

Interns are encouraged to get involved at all levels of projects that do not violate any existing NDA’s. Interns also work with site mentors doing supervised “hands on” work. This may require working on testing equipment, prepping equipment for service, assisting on inspections, and a host of other hands on jobs. In short, interns are expected to do more than just make copies and file forms.

At the end of the internship, the company requires an “Exit Form” and meeting to be completed by the intern. The Exit Form allows the student to critique the company internship (to help improve our program) and allows the mentor to make comments to help improve the intern’s future employment. This is a win-win program and we hope our efforts make a difference in the future lives of these exceptional candidates.

This year’s interns came from many States and different schools. All the candidates completed their internship and received their Certificate of Completion for their summer experience at Chemac, Inc. Our mechanical engineering student interns are all excelling at the following schools in Mechanical Engineering.

TX Intern from Kentucky – UC Berkley

NJ Intern from New Jersey – Rutgers University

TX Intern from New York – Nassau Community College

All the interns have been part of a long tradition of interns dating back almost 30+ years. Chemac wishes this year’s interns all the best of success in their future careers. They will soon find out… today, we all work in a “high pressure” industry.