Chemac Inc Service Team on Call


07/15- APS


Today’s demands for high quality service are more important than ever. Many firms are running operations with fewer people and the focus on quality PM is critically important to keep operations running smoothly, especially in more mature plants. The challenges today are numerous and plant personnel have their hands full with daily operations and a myriad of compliance matters. Regular inspections of HP equipment by  the Chemac, Inc. Service team can reduce down time and help prevent any unexpected failures. Our service goals include:


  • Offer on site and off site service and support
  • Regular service visit agreement to ensure quality PM on all supplied high pressure equipment
  • Offer service training and support
  • Offer rebuilt units for fast turn-around for stock pumps
  • Offer Emergency 24/7/365 service contacts
  • Offer platform of services from our locations
  • Offer large stock of parts for fast service
  • Regularly offer training courses or seminars on equipment maintenance
  • Coordinate service needs around customer shut downs
  • Go beyond our equipment by offering customers support for items in we can be of service with from our wide support platform
  • Offer professional and qualified service persons to help customers shorten service visits and improve PM


In order to operate plants most profitably, not only must the equipment be top quality, the service and support must be of the same quality. The dedication to quality, service and support is important to our long standing relationships with customers. Interested in learning more about what Chemac, Inc can offer? Please contact us at