Growth & Diversification at Chemac Inc.

Many customers, even those who have worked with Chemac for decades, may not be very familiar with the full range of products and services Chemac offers. Chemac’s VP, Chris Schneider, explains:

“High pressure products can be a very diverse field. We offer equipment and services for a wide variety of business. For example, water blasting pumps/systems, pumps for fertilizer manufacturing, pumps/systems for sterilization and extraction of natural products, from steel to non-woven plants, we are specialist in high many high pressure applications. There isn’t an industry, using high pressure, where we can’t be of service.”

In recent years, Chemac also added centrifugal pumps to the product mix opening up some lower pressure applications, but these are no ordinary centrifugal pumps. The Bungartz pump line can run dry and run under extreme circumstances. They are considered world leaders in specialty centrifugal applications.

According to Chris, the goal is to listen to the needs of customers and find the best solutions and work together to maximize the customer ROI. “We have an excellent customer base and we are grateful for their long term commitment to excellence”, he said. The customer looking to “cheap” solutions may ultimately find the cost of doing something right the first time, can be much less costly in the long run. If low cost solutions potentially risk production, the actual costs are much higher.

The future holds a lot of growth potential for Chemac. Before the end of the year, the firm plans to open a 3rd facility to store more parts and offer more assembly options. In addition to more space for service and parts, future growth will come from continued diversification into growth markets.