Bungartz Library of Animations

February 2018, Upper Saddle River NJ: The name Bungartz is well known in the fertilizer industry for high quality centrifugal pumps. Learn all about the full line of Bungartz pumps. These fun animations are helpful in seeing how the Bungartz pumps operate. Please do not forget to click on the link prompts to activate the animation.

The animations highlight the variety of applications Bungartz excel in. Did you know Bungartz also offers pumps for emptying fuel trucks? Here are the benefits of using Bungartz for this application:


  • Automatic ventilation of the suction line
  • Impervious to gas bubbles
  • Total unloading of tanker (also with magnetic drive)
  • Fault-free operation, including during unloading with increased gas fraction
  • Trouble-free unloading of multiple tank chambers without interruption
  • Pumping media at boiling point is possible
  • Safe to run dry (magnetically coupled pumps safe for zero flow rate)