LDPE – A long history at Chemac Inc

May 31, 2018, Alvin, TX: During the “boom” years for the plastics industry in the USA and Canada, Chemac, Inc. was active in most large projects. As a specialist in high pressure, Chemac Inc supplied reactors, pumps, tube bundles, high pressure valves, connectors, and a wide variety of high pressure equipment.

Since 1966, Chemac supplied the LDPE industry in North America with high pressure components and services. Although there have been many changes over the last decades in the industry, the service and support from Chemac, Inc. has remained a constant. Customers reviewing their needs for high pressure equipment can rely on Chemac as a solid partner for parts and services.

This is especially important since some plants will require modernization and upgrading in the near future. This is especially important for pumps and other high pressure equipment. For upgrades, modernization requests, pumps and other LDPE needs, contact Chemac Inc in Alvin Texas at 713-357-5150 or email Chris Schneider at chs@chemacinc.com for more information on how we may be of service.

(partial reprint from 2011 Article of the Chemac, Inc. News)

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