Bungartz Pumps for Fertilizer Applications 09/2015 NJ – Chemac, Inc. announced its expanding its high quality pump offering for fertilizer plants with the addition of Bungartz centrifugal pumps. The Bungartz pumps are ideal for fertilizer plants applications for Ammonia Nitrate melt and Ammonia Nitrate solutions. The centrifugal pumps add toRead More →

08/15- VGC League City, Texas – The seminar for high pressure pumps, valves, and accessories is filling up. There are only 13 spaces still open. Find out more about our seminar and why a UAN plant will benefit by attending by reading the invitation here. What makes this seminar special? ItRead More →

08/15- VGC USR NJ – Chemac, Inc. continues its long, successful intern program to help engineering students find summer jobs and gain experience working in the high pressure industry. Interns in this industry are exposed to the wide range of jobs supporting high-pressure applications. From high pressure water, to processRead More →

07/15- APS   Today’s demands for high quality service are more important than ever. Many firms are running operations with fewer people and the focus on quality PM is critically important to keep operations running smoothly, especially in more mature plants. The challenges today are numerous and plant personnel haveRead More →

06/15- VGC Frankfurt Germany – From  June 15-19, 2015 the ACHEMA, the world’s premier process show, was another great success. Chemac, Inc. met customers from the USA, Mexico and Canada and discussed projects for many different industries from HPC cleaning applications to process projects requiring high quality pumps and systems.Read More →

6/15 Bad Urach (V. Coveli) – Uraca has a long history of servicing customers. Located in the scenic Erms Valley in Southern Germany, Uraca is still a privately held company with a long tradition in customer service and high quality products.   Although Uraca was founded in 1893, the plantRead More →

5/15 Alvin Texas (CHS) – It is with great sadness to report the loss of a friend and co-worker. On May 11, 2015, Rex Manuel Griffiths, Sr. passed away at the young age of 63. He leaves behind his wife, children and extended family. Our heartfelt condolences to his lovedRead More →

April, 27, 2015 : Houston TX- The 2015 UAN Seminar for reciprocating equipment is being held in League City (Clear Lake) Texas at the South Shore Harbor Resort. There are only 40 spots available and they will go quickly.  Speakers from Uraca, BHDT, Kempchen, Chemac Inc  and others will makeRead More →

12/14- CHS Alvin, Texas –  Chemac, Inc.’s Houston repair facility services some of the largest pumps made by Uraca.  Recently, a KD815 Process pump was sent to Chemac for inspection and overhaul.  Normally, pumps of this size are field repaired, but in this case the pump came from a customerRead More →

12/2014 – MG   Alvin Texas – There is a lot of pumping equipment available on the aftermarket. From Ebay to Auction houses, you can buy virtually any type of high pressure pump “second hand”, but what is the true cost? Below are several images of a pump that wasRead More →

12/2014 – Peter S. Upper Saddle River, NJ – Another year is coming to a close and we wish all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a healthy and Happy New Year! May you share this special season with close friends and family to treasure the time together. WeRead More →

11/2014 – AS   Upper Saddle River NJ – It isnt uncommon for most Buyers to look at a gasket as a simple part to produce and apply. However. anyone who works fixing industrial leaks can attest that there is a world of difference in the gasket world. This appliesRead More →