Uraca – Experience and Know How since 1893

Uraca’s history is a history of quality and leading engineering. The image to the left is an early design two plunger pump, one of the few remaining samples of the Uraca pumps from the early 1920’s.  

Uraca parts and service are still available for the oldest pumps still in service. In North America, there are many pumps sold from the 1960s that are still in operation today. Parts and service ensure the life of the equipment will often last longer than the plant itself.

Uraca pumps are also used in a myriad of applications, from water to mediums with high temperatures and caustic or dangerous properties. Uraca pumps can be found in steel mills, mines, fertilizer plants, sewer trucks, up/downstream oil applications, chemical plants, breweries, cleaning applications, food/medicinal processing, various/numerous process applications, and are also being used to battle the spread of Covid-19.

Throughout its long history, Uraca has developed leading edge based on its experience and know how in the field of pumps and systems. From complicated water blast cleaning systems to extremely challenging pumping solutions, Uraca has earned its reputation as a global leader in pump technology. From small sewer pumps to large process pumps up to an incredible 4,600 horsepower.

Below a shipment of Uraca pumps heading to a manufacturer of wipes and medical equipment in the battle against Covid 19.  There are very few industries Uraca isnt active in today. From humble beginnings in 1893, to a major player in the world-wide manufacturing of quality high pressure pumps and systems Uraca can be found around the world helping make the world safer and better in the process. Quality and support for the life of a customer’s equipment is rarely found in todays fast paced global environment where finding even the manual for older equipment is a challenge.  From new to old, customers can always rely on our long-term commitment to supply parts and service… Uraca quality is a partner for the life of your investment. The last thing a customer wants to hear several years from making an equipment investment is, “ we don’t offer parts or support for that model anymore”. Regardless of how old, we can still support Uraca pumps from the oldest pumps to the latest designs. Our business is built on keeping your investment productive from the date of purchase with no expiration date.  Uraca means quality for the life of your equipment.