URACA High Pressure = experience, reliability and quality

Bad Urach Germany: July 09, 2023

Since 1893, Uraca has innovated and designed solutions for industry. The company is a world leader in high-pressure pump and water blast cleaning solutions. There is almost no industry without a Uraca pump from oil and gas to CO2 extraction and everything in between the name Uraca is a stamp of “high quality” equipment built to ensure top performance.

What difference does a pump make if it meets specification? This is a great question and depends on the specification. If you need a pump to meet a certain spec and don’t have to worry about the long-term costs or quality construction, then accepting low bid is all that would be required. However, specifications should also consider the reputation, quality and reliability of the equipment. In addition to the mechanical specification, specifications should allow for a QCR value (Quality, Construction and Reputation). Firms applying a QCR score principal to the basic mechanical specification will recognize the advantage of Uraca quality pumps. A simple item like a screw, bolt, seal or hose meeting a specification sounds easy, but if the QCR standard isn’t applied, you can buy a lot of junk needing regular replacement, if useable at all. Most operators are familiar with management investing in low bid meeting “spec” only to realize what they invested in doesn’t work in the field.

Investing in a pump should be based on many factors. Some QCR factors to consider can include:

  • Quality reputation – how long has the OEM been building quality pumps? Do they also have all required QC documentation/insurance?
  • Durability – Can you meet or talk to users familiar with the OEM pumps? Do they stand behind guarantees?
  • Experience – Does the OEM have a long history with the medium or application at hand?
  • Service – Who supports the OEM pumps with parts and service? Where are these locations?
  • Support – Does the OEM provide on-site training/support?
  • Relationship – Is the seller interested in the sale or in the relationship to keep the pumps running for the next generation?

Uraca pumps meet the QCR factors as a manufacturer with over 130 years manufacturing experience, offering on and off-site training, supporting equipment with parts for the life of the plant, and a company interested in a relationship with manufacturers and users needing high pressure equipment. As a matter of fact, all pump lines in the Chemac Product mix offer QCR factors bringing many decades of experience and know how to your project. Interested in how this can help your company?  Contact us at 1-800-217-8677 or via email at Chemac@chemacinc.com