TECH TIP – Uses for a 3D Tank Cleaning Head

Alvin Texas: July 3, 2023

A URACA tank cleaning head (TWK), in conjunction with a high-pressure pump, propels a high-pressure water jet at highspeed using only water as a cleaning/removing agent. The water jet tool is only suited for hydro-dynamic internal cleaning of containers and enclosed spaces. This is recognized as a safe, environmentally friendly means of cleaning or removing deposits from a myriad of enclosed or confined spaces.

The positioning of the tool (extending and retracting) and operation must be non-contact (contact-free) with any internals (agitator/coils/blades etc.). Positioning of the tool is accomplished either by hanging it freely on a suitable hose or via a high-pressure pipe or high-pressure articulating device. During positioning, the tool must be set to ensure the high-pressure water jet cannot escape to the outside through openings or “weak” spots in the enclosed vessel. Before starting any cleaning, or high-pressure operation, the area must be secured so that no water-jet can endanger persons or equipment outside the cleaning zone.

Spaces ideally cleaned by a 3D high pressure tool include – containers, autoclaves, reactors, stirrer tanks, spray towers, tanks boiler cars, tank cars, barrels. Some of the products cleaned or removed with high pressure include:



Oil residues


High-resistance foam

Polyamide Polyester PVC


Resinous substances







Cinder / Ash




While high pressure systems are deemed safe and are the best environmental solution to many manufacturers’ cleaning needs, operation of these systems must be carried out by properly trained personnel. Although most cleaning operations are done in secured and enclosed areas, safety procedures must be followed, and operators must follow all OEM safety instructions.

In most cases, automated cleaning systems are activated via a DCS or PLC. Although these are programmed cleaning processes, operators must be aware of safety requirements even if they can’t see what is happening in the vessel or enclosed space. Important is to have properly trained operators and regular meetings to ensure the safety of the operation. Uraca and Chemac offer training and support for high pressure systems. Always make sure all operators follow the instruction books and are properly trained. Safety, even for automated systems, is paramount to the safe operation of any plant or facility.

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