PUMP MAINTENANCE- Chemac knows your pumps inside and out

July 2013

Proper maintenance of high pressure equipment is critical to the long life and safe operation of your equipment. Chemac Inc still services all pumps sold by Chemac Inc since 1966! This highlights the high quality of the pumps and equipment, but also the dedication to the customer by keeping parts/services available for the life of the equipment. Although parts may not be in stock for a pump delivered in 1966, we offer parts and services for all machines regardless of when they were purchased.

In general, if a customer follows the general maintenance guidelines, a pump should last many decades. In order to ensure long pump life, we recommend the following:

  1. Follow maintenance procedures and intervals carefully.
  2. Have the pump maintenance team trained properly to work with high pressure equipment.
  3. Use only OEM parts to ensure long life. Non-OEM parts are potentially dangerous and/or could damage the pump over time.
  4. Do not allow cavitation to cause problems for your pumps. If you suspect cavitation is causing problems, give Chemac Inc a call ASAP.
  5. If pumping water, make sure your water quality is “good” and that filters are changed as required. If corrosions issues arise, contact Chemac Inc to review alternate materials for very “aggressive” water. Some “recycled” water may contain media the pump wasn’t intended for.
  6. If the maintenance team is unfamiliar with the pump or equipment, have a Uraca/Chemac Inc trained pump specialist on site to oversee the work being performed.
  7. If you change anything on the pump, please check with Chemac Inc to make sure the pump can be “changed”. For example, changing the medium being pumped etc. Any changes of use or design must be verified for safety and reliability of the equipment.
  8. Examine if our on-site training would benefit your safety and maintenance teams ability to keep equipment running safely and efficiently.
  9. When in doubt about any safety, or maintenance issues, contact Chemac Inc at 1-800-217-8677 before you make changes.
  10. Ensure that any other 3rd party pump service companies are properly trained in Uraca high pressure pumps. If, after a service by a third party, your equipment fails to run properly, then stop the equipment and call Chemac Inc before more potential damage occurs.
  11. If the pump isn’t running like it did when it was installed, then a service or training is needed. Sometimes, after pumps run many years without the need for any major service, the skills needed to repair or maintain a pump may get “rusty”. We are here to help.


In most cases, a service visit by a Chemac Inc technician/Engineer can improve the life of the pump(s) and ensure trouble free operation. Chemac Inc offers both on site and in shop maintenance, repairs, modifications and retrofits. We look forward to working with you.