July 2013

NJ – For Polymers, plastics, and other products requiring cleaning in confined spaces, high pressure water is the best solution for fast, safe, efficient and low cost cleaning. Newer products, multi-use vessels and a high demand for quality production drives the vessel cleaning business.

If a plant could produce more product without adding new production lines (using just water), wouldn’t that be of interest?

In the case of many customers using batch type processing, the answer is high pressure cleaning. Traditional methods could take days to clean a reactor, with high pressure water this is now measured in minutes. The end result is a higher value end product and more production from the same vessel. From tools to semi-automated and fully automated systems, Chemac Inc offers custom solutions that work on reducing costs, increasing production and improving “product” using Uraca systems and tools. From contractor to end user, the quality advantage of Uraca high pressure cleaning tools, pumps and systems offer a fast return on investment.

Every HP cleaning system usually comprises of 4 major parts.

  1. The Pump.
  2. The Delivery System
  3. The Cleaning Head
  4. The Control System (if semi or fully automated)

If any one of these parts doesn’t function properly, then customers can experience sub-standard performance and or a great deal of frustration, lost resources and problems. Every HPC (High Pressure Cleaning) system requires years of experience. Thus, always look for solutions from a supplier with a proven track record. We look forward to hearing about your needs and how we can make HPC work for you.

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