Large Pumps in for Overhaul- some from 1972 and earlier

12/14- CHS

Spare Uraca Pump side view

Alvin, Texas –  Chemac, Inc.’s Houston repair facility services some of the largest pumps made by Uraca.  Recently, a KD815 Process pump was sent to Chemac for inspection and overhaul.  Normally, pumps of this size are field repaired, but in this case the pump came from a customer who wanted to have the pump, built in 1977, inspected and overhauled.  The KD 815 was disassembled, the crankshaft magnafluxed and all parts were inspected. Since Uraca provides parts for the life of a pump, regardless how old, Chemac, Inc. can service even the oldest pumps dating back more than 5 decades. How many manufacturers and service centers do you know that can repair equipment from the last 30+ years with OEM parts? This is a true attest to customer support. Customers can be assured of parts and support for the life of their Uraca equipment… even after 50 years of use.


Process pumps of this size normally operate in various applications such as Ammonia or carbamate in Urea plants, coal or soap slurries and other special high pressure process applications. More information about the KD 800 series pumps can be found on our downloads page.


Chemac is the one stop shop for all URACA pump needs. On site, off site, we are ready to help customers regardless of how long ago we supplied equipment. Do you have an older pump? Contact Chemac Inc to make sure it is being serviced properly and to OEM specifications.