Beware – After Market Equipment that hasn’t been certified

GRE03 Power End 007
12/2014 – MG


Alvin Texas – There is a lot of pumping equipment available on the aftermarket. From Ebay to Auction houses, you can buy virtually any type of high pressure pump “second hand”, but what is the true cost? Below are several images of a pump that was purchased on line by a Buyer, only to be told that the unit is not repairable. The visible damage to the casing of the crank end penetrated the housing making the unit useless as an intended spare.

GRE03 Power End 003

Although some prices for used equipment may seem “too good to pass up”, the actual cost of getting the equipment into operational shape may be prohibitive. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration. For example, was the unit properly prepared for storage while out of service according to OEM instructions? If not, the unit may have corrosion or other internal issues that may not be visible and this may cause the unit to fail or not run at all. What about the service or maintenance records? Are they available for review? We recommend having all second hand high pressure equipment to be certified or inspected by a specialist before investing in equipment that can turn into a total loss and , or even worse, dangerous to life and property.

GRE03 Power End 004

If you are considering a “second hand” high pressure pump purchase, please contact Chemac, Inc. can review your potential purchase of an industrial high pressure spunlace, steel mill, process, water-blast, or intensifier pump(s).

Contact us before you buy, it may save a lot of problems in the near future.