Maintenance Tech Tip:  Training Videos coming soon

New Bern: July 12, 2023

Since there is increasing demand for maintenance teams to do more with less team members, there is a real problem with keeping up with the best practices to do basic maintenance on some equipment. To assist customers, Chemac is working on developing a library of videos for customers only. If your plant would like to suggest a specific topic, please reach out to us and let us know what video would best help your plant. Please send an email to or and we can work on making videos for your specific equipment.

In many cases, customers can’t find instruction books and/or can’t recall proper maintenance steps. Videos for general maintenance are key to help customer help themselves for routine maintenance. Videos will be made available directly to customers and not for the general internet unless the video applies to a standard pump. We look forward to your input as to what will help your maintenance teams operating equipment at peak efficiency.