June 2014 Kapfenberg, Austria – The BHDT conference “Assuring Safety and Reliability in a Urea Plant” was well received by all the visitors attending from around the world. Safety and reliability is absolutely critical for Urea plants. Older plants must especially evaluate newer technologies that are available for valves, pumps,Read More →

June 2014 Alvin, TX – Chemac Inc. is reviewing designs for expanding warehouse capacity at the Alvin, Texas location. Based on projections going forward, the location will need more floor space to make room for a new testing bay and modern heavy lift equipment for larger frame pumps/machines. The site hasRead More →

September 2013 Alvin Texas – As of January 1, 2014, all Chemac Inc employees will be required to carry a TWIC card when visiting customers. The TWIC Card (“Transportation Worker Identity Credential” Card) is a special biometric identity card introduced by the U.S. Government to ensure that transportation workers haveRead More →

July 2013 Texas – An order for two large process pumps recently rolled out of the Chemac Inc Alvin Texas facility. The complete pump skids weighed approximately 48,000lbs each and required a large flat-bed truck and special permits to get to the final destination. Although Chemac Inc in Alvin isRead More →

July 2013 NJ – For Polymers, plastics, and other products requiring cleaning in confined spaces, high pressure water is the best solution for fast, safe, efficient and low cost cleaning. Newer products, multi-use vessels and a high demand for quality production drives the vessel cleaning business. If a plant couldRead More →

July 2013 Proper maintenance of high pressure equipment is critical to the long life and safe operation of your equipment. Chemac Inc still services all pumps sold by Chemac Inc since 1966! This highlights the high quality of the pumps and equipment, but also the dedication to the customer byRead More →

July 4, 2013 NJ- In honor of the 4th of July, the recently refurbished unit was completed just before the 4th and was painted in honor of Independence Day. Mike Garrigan, the NJ shop manager, loves what he does and it shows in the quality of his work. He preparedRead More →

June 2013 Alvin, Texas – Chemac Inc. hosts internships that allow Engineering students real hands on experience. Students are active with live projects, repairs, inspections and research that allow them to build skills and get “real world” experience. The Chemac Inc experience is designed for an eager engineering student lookingRead More →

Netherlands – UreaKnowHow.com announces a global Maintenance Training Program for Urea Plants. The comprehensive program will be held in Vienna, Austria from September 2 -6, 2013. Visitors can combine their travel with the 58th AICHE Ammonia Safety Conference which takes place just one week earlier in Frankfurt, Germany.   Don’tRead More →

February 13, 2013 Chemac Inc. would like to announce its cooperation with Zlatko Altiparmakov, who has joined Chemac Inc.’ s specialist network in the supercritical extraction field. This cooperation has the following benefits for customers: Chemac Inc. has the ability to supply from lab to plant scale Lab testing Consulting servicesRead More →