Chemac Inc. Attends 3rd BHDT Urea Conference

June 2014

Kapfenberg, Austria – The BHDT conference “Assuring Safety and Reliability in a Urea Plant” was well received by all the visitors attending from around the world. Safety and reliability is absolutely critical for Urea plants. Older plants must especially evaluate newer technologies that are available for valves, pumps, gaskets, bolting, materials, etc.

Chemac, Inc. strongly advises all customers to evaluate all critical equipment regularly and ensure that proper PM is followed as per OEM instructions. If your plant is having any problems with any high pressure equipment (leaks, hammering, cavitation, etc.) please contact Chemac Inc. immediately. Fixing problems after the first sign of an issue can save a plant more than just the cost of parts. SAFETY and RELIABILITY – a must for all plants.

Taking preventative measures ensures safety. Please keep a look-out for BHDT conferences and any other safety programs to keep your plant up to date. Need help with your HP Urea equipment? Contact Chris at