Best Tools for Cleaning Enclosed Spaces

High pressure cleaning is a specialty requiring experience, know-how and high-quality equipment. Customers using high pressure water to clean, cut or remove surfaces are aware of the tremendous benefits and the potential dangers of not having the proper tools and experience to use them. Handheld tools are the most dangerous, and therefore the industry focus is to move away from handheld tools wherever possible. If you remove the operator from holding a high-pressure tool the safer the application is. 

For many decades, Uraca tools and pumps have been used by customers focused on buying only the highest value tools on the market. As an OEM, Uraca provides many years of experience, know how, and quality products focusing on safety and reliability. If you are unfamiliar with Uraca, it may be time to look at what Uraca can do for your operation.

In the past, it was common to have contractors enter enclosed spaces such as reactors and vessels using a high-pressure gun to manually clean internals. This operation is still carried out by some manufacturers concerned about the cost of automation. However, the risk for injury is extremely high when working in confined spaces using a water gun or lance. The perceived cost savings using manual high-pressure cleaners is not tenable and increases injury risk or death significantly. Any “savings” using manual methods is lost with only one accident. The ultimate cost of an injury or death may exceed more than installing a semi or fully automated cleaning system. So why not invest in keeping your operations safer and more productive?

The best way to clean confined spaces is with remote tools or fully automated systems. The benefits of these types of cleaning systems include:

  1. No operator holding high pressure tools under pressure. Thus, extremely safe.
  2. Clean at will and increase production. Our Uraca HPC System is ready to go in minutes can substantially shorten regular cleaning. Thus, shortened cleaning allows for more production from the same vessels. 
  3. Clean better – manual tools require line of sight for cleaning. Systems on the other hand are program driven to clean even if water mist “blocks” views.
  4. Consistent cleaning – programs can be run to allow for short or long cleans. All programs run a consistent pattern.
  5. Durable systems, like our Uraca brand, last long and provide long run intervals. Yes, there may be cheaper brands, but you get what you pay for in the end. Uraca is the #1 choice for quality, safety and durability.
  6. Quality clean means better end product – Chemac, Inc. has helped numerous customers upgrade their cleaning of confined spaces to Uraca systems. Thus, these plants are producing better quality products due to cleaner vessels between batches.

Interested in improving your cleaning between batches? Or just increasing plant safety? Contact Chemac, Inc to discuss how we may be of service with a Uraca cleaning system.

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