For over 130 Years Kempchen has been preventing leaks from costing billions in lost production and unnecessary repairs. If your process needs the best sealing solution… then the Kempchen brand is well worth the investment. Leakage prevention isn’t only a smart decision, saving companies millions every year, the environmental savings are also tremendous. In many cases, leaks are often not detected until the cost to the manufacturer and the environment has reached a critical level. Start a project with the best solution first for all connections are critical important.

Metal/Soft material gaskets are combinations made of suitable metals connected with graphite, PTFE, rubber or even heat-resistant cords, wovens and braids. Advantage: Separation of the “bearing” and “Sealing” functions.

Almost all profile joints can also be manufactured as an oval gasket or as a frame. Depending on operating conditions, CONVEX gaskets with layers, grooved profile gaskets with layers, spiral wound gaskets, corrugated gaskets, rubber-steel gaskets, WEKAS gaskets, jacketed or enveloped gaskets with inner eyelet are used – preferably in the main load, but some also in the off load

In addition to sealing flange and special connections, Kempchen also offers a wide assortment of packing material and has a long history in engineering the best sealing solutions for customers. When it comes to leak prevention, Kempchen is the solution for the environment, risk reductions and customers looking for the best solution to their leakage prevention needs.

Chemac Inc is proud to have known Mr. Kempchen, the last family member to run the company, and the long history of offering the Kempchen brand. If it has to be sealed… Ask for Kempchen gaskets, seals, and packing.