Why New Bern, NC?

Before Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, not many outside of the Tarheel State where familiar with the small city of New Bern. Florence devastated the region with floods and New Bern felt the full brunt of this historic storm. The floods left very little unscathed and many people lost their homes and businesses, even in areas well outside the flood zones.

So, why did Chemac, Inc decide to invest in New Bern after the negative Florence press? There are numerous reasons and they include:

  1. SPIRIT – New Bern bounced back from the storm. Shortly after the storm, Mr. President Donald Trump visited New Bern and helped hand out supplies to a stunned community. In addition to the devastation from the storm the POTUS witnessed the New Bern Strong attitude of the local community. The people of New Bern are proud of their community and offer the warm hospitality the South is famous for.
  2. COMMUNITY – The County Commissioner at the time, Mr. Steve Tyson, was able to convince management to make New Bern the site for the new Chemac, Inc. location. Mr. Tyson worked hard to convince Chemac, Inc. the Craven Industrial Park would be the ideal location for future growth of Chemac, Inc. Additionally, the local Chamber and Economic Development Office also helped make Chemac, Inc feel like an important part of the business and local community. 
  3. LOCATION – New Bern is centrally located on the east coast and is about 90 minutes from Wilmington, NC (seaport/airport), Raleigh NC (airport), and a thirty minute short flight from the International airports of Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA. Plus, many customers are now much closer to our new facility. 
  4. ROOM to GROW – The new site offers many acres for future expansion and is only 5 miles outside of historic downtown New Bern. 
  5. HISTORY/OUTDOORS – Visiting Chemac, Inc customers and suppliers can enjoy warm Southern hospitality. New Bern offers a historical downtown, proximity to beaches, fishing, golf, boating and many outdoor activities visitors can take advantage of.
  6. SIZE – New Bern may be small by comparison to big cities, but it’s just the right size for our operations. The support of the City and community leaders is the same for small and large firms. Thus, the size is perfect for our operations.
  7. CLIMATE – New Bern is far enough south to have all 4 seasons, but just far enough south to avoid snow. As a mater of fact, snow is often celebrated as it usually melts within 24 hours of arrival. Our customers/suppliers will enjoy visiting and we hope they are able take some time off to enjoy what New Bern has to offer. 
  8. COST – Compared to other States, the State of North Carolina offers great cost to benefit ratios for businesses investing in the State. In addition, the Craven County Industrial Park is a Foreign Trade Zone offering other benefits to firm similar to Chemac, Inc. 

The new location in New Bern is an investment in the future. Offering high quality equipment is only part of a successful formula, we take pride in our long working relationships and look forward to forging more in the next decades.  

Please keep checking back for news about our opening ceremony (now postponed until September due to Pandemic). We look forward to welcoming visitors to New Bern so they can then see for themselves…why New Bern is a perfect location.