Covid Update – Adjusting for the Variants

Since our last Covid report our general policies remain in effect. The recent, fast spreading, Omicron variant is still resulting in positive tests. However, the primary concern is deaths, hospitalizations or long illnesses from any of the variants and, so far, the Omicron variant seems to be much milder. 

It remains to be seen what impact the continuing mutations will have on businesses in 2022.  If the mutations result less potent viruses, we can look forward to “business as usual” as we review the success and failures of handling this pandemic on a local and global scale.  Since the virus can apparently spread in a fully vaccinated community, we believe the next focus will be on treatment after infection. If the death rate for all age groups can be reduced to near zero, then this particular virus will have run its course. In the interim, our policies will remain in effect until further notice. 

Business, in general, will continue to notice price increases and delays as a result of covid illnesses and costs related directly and indirectly to the pandemic. From logistics, manufacturing, and government, the costs are noticeable in almost every sector. From airlines cancelling thousands of flights to simple items missing on grocery shelves, the pandemic will continue to be felt well into 2022.

In order to combat long lead times due to high demand, Chemac, Inc.  is investing in complete pumps units for stock including pump models KD724, KD716 and P-3-10. In December 2021, Chemac placed it’s largest stock order in its 55 year history. Projected demand into 2022 will remain strong and we look forward to working with customers to ensure they have critical parts in stock.

If your site needs a service visit, please check with our service team as our travel policy can change with new variants or government mandates. We also offer remote services if travel is not possible or customers can ship equipment to our repair centers (please do not ship without an RMA# from our service team). 

Please keep checking back with us for updated news on our Pandemic Policies and other work-related news.